Physical vs. Emotional Agony

Our minds and bodies are inseparable; they are both elements to the phenomena we call ourselves. We cannot treat one as if it doesn't exist, or think it won't affect the other. They are intertwined, and for one good reason: both are equally contributing to the phenomenon that is you...


Sylvia Plath: An Overview

If anything, Plath reminded me of the reason I write, and the reason I read, and the little dark corner of my fifteen-year-old's soul who felt utterly lonely and unspeakably lost, who found a voice within herself and let it spill on paper...

To All the Lives I’ll Never Live

We can never tell the future, and I'm always a hopeful romantic; I'm always on the hopes for a better life, a better community, more chances of exploring the world, better potential investment. But sometimes.. some ideas seem a little too wild.. some strike as quite unrealistic.. So here is it.. to the lives I may never have..

Passion Paradox

I may have been fed a lie, or that I may have misunderstood things. I was told that when you have a passion, it means that it's the only thing that will keep going in your life, the only thing that will remain constant when everything else may be dying out.

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