Stimulation Mini Series // Day 4: Commitment & Consistency

The last few months have been losing months.. I cannot deny that to anyone, most of all to myself, but during those months I have endured what my past self wouldn't have endured one day through. If anything, this is giving me a little hope, that I do have what it takes, that I am of high durability and patience, just enough hope to continue...


Stimulation Mini Series: Day 3 // Where To Begin?

Not like it's been 18 days since I've updated, but without going into too much detail, consider it a real-time representation of what it's like to be in a mental breakdown. That'll give you 5% of it. From where I left off, we were talking about starting out with 'a plan'. I read something in... Continue Reading →

Stimulating Mini Series // Intro

I am starting this mini series of blogpost, in which I write my way through the steps of getting hold on the things that matter to you, finding the internal drive to do them, what to avoid, what to stick to, all based on a lot of reading and research on the topic + a little hectic personal experience...

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