Mental Health // Depression Is Real

I’m supposed to be studying, but here I am falling into another existential crisis. This time, I’m getting out faster than usual, and I’m going to talk about it rather frankly. Terms my friends and I often use to describe our exhaustion or tiredness, such as ‘existential crisis’, ‘mental breakdown’, ‘depressive episode’ are all mostly... Continue Reading →

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Medical Myths – Part I

I asked fellows on instagram what were some of the weirdest pieces of medical information that they had doubts about. Here are a few of the answers I got, and what you need to know about their eligibility...

Medical Myths // Why & How

...despite the literature-oriented pathway of this platform, I also want it to include this passion of mine, and allow me to share some of the knowledge I've been learning and will continue to learn throughout my journey in pharmacy school...

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë: a review

It was the kind of story that took time to build a pace and a rise, but once it did, there were many ups and downs. If you ask me to recall the event, I probaably wouldn't be able to do it, but I can describe each character very well, because emost of them weren't changed, but rather intensifies and became more vivid in image by the time the book ended...

Physical vs. Emotional Agony

Our minds and bodies are inseparable; they are both elements to the phenomena we call ourselves. We cannot treat one as if it doesn't exist, or think it won't affect the other. They are intertwined, and for one good reason: both are equally contributing to the phenomenon that is you...

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